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Donating money to Blood For Life | Sanquin Research Fund makes life-saving research possible. Research which we can make our dreams come true, such as;
  • Cultivate blood in the lab, so that we can make blood for patients that is no longer different from their own blood. So completely customized!
  • Large-scale analysis of blood to identify new or emerging diseases at an early stage. So that we can intervene quickly and prevent pressure on healthcare.
  • Gene therapy, Which cures patients with congenital blood diseases for good.
  • Treating cancer patients with their own blood. Effective and without side effects.
With your donation you contribute to our mission: to fund research that leads to fewer people getting sick and fewer people in need of blood products.

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Blood saves lives. Blood research is vital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

That would be fantastic! We can imagine that you would like personal contact before making a large donation on behalf of yourself or perhaps on behalf of a foundation or equity fund. You can contact one of our relationship managers for this. Together we will look at which form of donation suits you best.

We desperately need the support of the business community for our research. Blood For Life collaborates with companies in several ways. Would you like more information about what we can do for your company? Please contact us

Blood donors and companies often ask whether they can also contribute to Sanquin’s mission in a different way. With Blood For Life we ​​can provide this and bind even more people to us. Blood For Life’s recruitment activities are primarily aimed at companies, but any donation – no matter how small or large – are more than welcome!

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